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- From a football perspective
- Whether war is a game of football?
- Actually in Champions League one-fourth finals lots
- Despite Europe AFC only distribution to has Galatasaray
- Ronaldo in 9th minutes first open records

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 From a football perspective Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

From a football perspective, Europe earlier, neimaer becomes more conducive to his progress and improve. But feikelasi also pointed out that the neimaer now have two areas of concern. Scolari has nike free tr fit 2  hinted, neimaer in Brazil can still progress, everything should be in Brazil World Cup. Once neimaer in Barca playing not the game, it is likely to affect his Brazil team performance. Rio actress Bruner and neimaer in love, and already has a child, emotionally, he would prefer to stay in around his girlfriend.
Hoffenheim declared practice make·kuerci team coach and team manager andeleiya·Mule position, appointed reserve team nike roshe run coach makusi·jisiduoer as the new head coach. Currently left in this season's Bundesliga 7 rounds, Hoffenheim ranks second, behind the bottom fourth in Düsseldorf, 9 minutes, Baoji hopes, the Club is targeting German League matches next season.
2013 season, the third round of the AFC Champions League group stage, Beijing Guoan away challenge benyoudeke. 39 minutes, Mao Jianqing in a restricted area of a field goal and nearly scored, 70 minutes, Gelon JC Penney missed a great opportunity and, ultimately, 0-0 kiss on both sides. In group play the first two rounds of competition, the national draw Pohang Steelers, at home beat Sanfrecce Hiroshima. You Deke performed favourably, defeating Sanfrecce Hiroshima away, draw Pohang Steelers at home, current score is 4 minutes on both sides. Guoan coach Stano last penalty, only stand conducting competition in this field.

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 Whether war is a game of football? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Whether war is a game of football? Each a a fans of answers will different, but in crazy of Turkey fans seems, football actually is one feast, is Carnival is wanton of celebrated, sometimes singing nike free run 2 may not be to in team win of Shi, even team behind and passive, still cannot block Turkey people in Stadium of crazy, tonight in Santiago Bernabeu, despite Galatasaray of players were feel to have is hentai coolness, but they of fans is in stands Shang put has a put fire, and those early away from field of Royal Madrid hold barge were different, Coming all the way to Turkey who celebrated into the last minute.
One-fourth, Champions League finals would begin the second day of competition, Real Madrid at the Bernabeu at home against Turkey's Galatasaray, pre-competition News Conference, Real Madrid Manager Jose Mourinho spoke about the elephant in the room, including his relationship with goalkeeper nike free run 3 Casillas and former old Chelsea Didier Drogba. Mourinho and Real Madrid skipper Casillas has strained relations, this time against Galatasaray, madman Cassie even excluded from the lineup, there is talk that Cassie actually have shangyu, but Mourinho was not to give him a chance. When asked about this topic, Mourinho does not deny that Casey had shangyu, he said: "he (Casey) trained well, he needs to keep up the good work, waiting for his opportunity. ”
First game You Deke before kick off. 3 minute, Guoan's long ball to the frontcourt, opponents headed mistakes, Mao Jianqing shooting misses to punch through a restricted area with the ball. Then You Deke left attack, crossing are shut out of the bottom line, access to corners. 7 minutes, and the national security front organizations to attack, Gelon punch through with the ball closed area, wander out goalkeeper crossing the ball sliding doors. Race to final stage of the first half, both sides on the pitch duigong, race pace. On the 43rd minute Shao Jiayi are present on the ground, face-off of the opponents are too big. First time of 2 minutes, the score remained unchanged at 0-0.


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 Actually in Champions League one-fourth finals lots Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Actually in Champions League one-fourth finals lots end of Shi, Madrid media on reminded themselves of nike free 4.0 v2 security sector to note, because crazy of Turkey fans to to has, for is bid Olympics of Madrid,, how should game Qian, and race in the and race Hou may occurred of various accident situation, are will on Spain capital of Olympic bid produced key effect, therefore in today of Santiago Bernabeu, rarely set security network of Club staff were temporary for Turkey fans where of stands frame up has protection network, just this a layer network Does not cover Turkey people aggressive.
In this decade, Mourinho was the first to catch the bench of Real Madrid Castilla y León coach, mad men also tried to make when the winter transfer window the Club signed Diego-López in Seville, and nike free 5.0 v4 this time, he will lack the experience of Adam and Fernandez into the list of deprecated Cassie, is more controversial. Asked by a reporter "you're treated when Casillas is always fair? "Mourinho replied:" Yes, I am. "In the face of another" Cassie atmosphere of the locker room, have a negative impact on the excluded ", mad men simply replied:" I will not. ”
You Deke occupy active on the field, two sidewalk crossing frequently, 9th minute corner kick attack, crossing directly out of the bottom line. 12 minutes You Deke another corner kick, tactical match failure. 17 minutes, You Deke's long ball to the frontcourt, lang seek protection, Zhi hit hold the ball. After 20 minutes, You Deke left back, crossing the line straight.

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 Despite Europe AFC only distribution to has Galatasaray Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Despite Europe AFC only distribution to has Galatasaray fans 3,500 update game tickets, but actually in game day, has over 10,000 name fans influx has Madrid City, and has many Yu 2,500 name nike free run  fans through various means got has tickets, they early to approach, looking for themselves of team, and North stands near of Royal Madrid fans were had to and Turkey people Exchange seat, such actually in Bernard black within, has a support nearly 6,000 people of Turkey fans cheer mission, Bernabeu, they become your own home.
Mourinho also fight back reporters, this is unfair to current main goalkeeper of Real Madrid. "My goalkeeper now playing so well, only those unfair criticisms of him. "Mourinho was rumored after the end of the season to leave Real Madrid, while some fans plan demonstrations outside the Bernabeu nike free 3.0 v2 Stadium, calling for retention of mad men, but that plan was blocked from the City Council which have been aborted. In this regard, Mourinho said he doesn't want fans to do so.
National security through halftime, passing mistakes a little better. 23 minutes, Gelon frontcourt fouls, gets. Subsequently, Guo made subtle tie, straight ball to front of Gelon slowed a bit, struck goalkeeper got the ball. 27 minutes, crossing in front of You Deke left, flank after knocking, Zhi the ball catches out of the bottom line. 29 minutes, the quick counterattack You Deke, miaochuan to the left of the midfield, crossing of the low ball is held by Zhi.

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 Ronaldo in 9th minutes first open records Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Ronaldo in 9th minutes first open records, Benzema in 29th minutes lock win, one has full is oriented Real Madrid nike free 3.0 v3 rhythm of game let Galatasaray lost has direction, but is didn't can let they of fans quiet to until midfielder end, game subsection 34 minutes Shi, Galatasaray fans where of North stands suddenly discharge up large of fireworks, moments flare cupola reflected large red, official broadcast are had to temporarily gave up broadcast game and will picture handed fans were where of stands, for one security strictly of Champions League 1 4, the final, it is clear that Madrid have not done good enough.
"The individual is not important, I am not important, important is the result of Real Madrid, not me or my future, I just want to help the team achieve its objectives. We have two goals, King's Cup and Champions nike free 3.0 v4 League, clubs such as Real Madrid, we must end the season as good as possible. Wait until after the end of the season, we will see what will happen, but the most important thing is the Club. "Mourinho also touched two Galatasaray players, Didier Drogba and sineide, this is the old mad man at Chelsea and inter would. "They were my guys, I love and respect them, but tomorrow we will have different goals, they want to play a ball, and I want to make sure my players to stop them. ”
Formed over the presence of the parties deadlocked, 32 minutes, Guoan out in front to give an opponent corner, Zhi strike to defuse threats. Shortly thereafter, NSA also received a corner kick, Shao Jiayi's crossing to the goalkeeper. After 34 minutes, Zhi blaze caused You Deke crossing bounds, lang backed the introduction of a bottom line, corners on food safety once again. 38 minutes, this again You Deke for corner kicks, the 7th corner, national defence under a lot of pressure. Next, Guoan quickly hit back and after Gelon with ball, miaochuan to closed areas, Mao Jianqing shot caused goalkeeper to sell, but fortunately the second ball held under, Guoan almost knock your opponent's goal.

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